Welcome to the world of Claire Lumley Photography

Introducing Claire Lumley Photography, an Essex Photographer:

Drum Roll.........

I thought it was about time I told you a little about lil ole me!

I want to take you on a journey, not a very long one (thank goodness ! I hear you cry) as we've all got somewhere to be right!?

This is my NEW shiny all signing all dancing website! eek and I am so excited to share this with YOU.

I never thought I'd get this far but it's amazing what self belief, a lot of imposter syndrome (it's a real thing, who knew) and a very patient partner would get me, here writing this blog for YOU (MY FIRST EVER!) Whoop whoop, give me a high five.

(Thanks', I appreciate that)

Well, enough of that. Okay here goes.

I LOVE photography, can you tell. Since the age of way back when (Ssssh age is just a number right) I've always loved the idea that you can capture a moment in time, to look back on in years to come. To evoke emotion whether it be happy or sad the POWER of photography is real.

And so It began

My first love was landscapes because who doesn't love a beautiful view. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a dreamer and gazing at a far flung vista imagining myself travelling the world really got me, this is when I really felt a passion for this art form.

I used to pour through the images in photography books for hours wondering how I too could capture such beauty. It was at this time I came across Ansel Adams (landscape photographer) and was hooked. The idea of travelling and capturing those moments will I think always inspire me. I have thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of images in my archives from the not so good, to the okay, to the I think I can do this seriously.

And so I took to reading, learning everything I could about the subject and to back up my knowledge studied for a City & Guilds qualification which I am very proud of. This was before digital was a thing, before smart phones were a thing, before anything was a thing and all done with good old fashioned 35mm film.

And here we are

I hope you like my introduction, I'll tell you more about how I went from landscapes to pets on my next blog.

Come and join me as we navigate the life of a enthusiastic photographer. Here to capture your moments, the ones you will cherish forever.

Please feel free to leave a comment (as long as it's nice!) and come and find me over on my socials.


An Essex Sunset


Wrabness Beach


Gone Fishing