An Essex Photographer - Round two, come on!

Hello beautiful ones, thanks so much for being here. You're the best! Truly.

I last wrote about how I started in photography (go check it out if you've not yet read it) this blog will make a whole lot more sense. Go on, your curious now, I can tell!! hehe

I was going to go head long into this by starting next with my pet photo journey, then realised I would be missing a big chunk of my journey. eek So, here goes, visualise a younger Claire (uh umm) hoping to make it in the photography field but wondering where I would start. Well, an opportunity came along for me to join a local school photography company, I got the job, and this was a big eye opener for me having never actually worked as a photographer for a company before. They were lovely, so helpful and I learnt a lot, lessons I learnt:

1. I definitely needed more creativity from my work

2. Be careful what you wish for!

Sadly, my health took a dive and I had to leave the job; the long hours took their toll. And that was my short career in school photography over. What on earth was I to do next?

Well along came Polly! No just joking, along came the brilliant idea to work onboard a cruise ship as a photographer! I loved the idea of travelling and photography combined seemed like a win win to me. Off I went into the great unknown, now photographing people on holiday is not for the faint hearted, basically you have to develop a thick skin as not everyone wants to be papped whilst they:

1. eat their dinner

2. are heading off on a tour

3. have just arrived after a long journey just to get to the ship!

But despite all of this, I again learnt a lot and I got to see a lot of places I may never have got the opportunity to otherwise see.

My lessons from this were:

1. I knew this was not a long-term thing.

2. I needed more creativity.

Yeah, so landscapes were where I started (and will always be my first love) however over the years has evolved into something quite different and something I am very proud off.

It took me years to realise that I need creativity in my life, I thrive from creating core memories and treasure them all equally.

Along came Spud. It's all because of his cute little face that I started practising my art form again, until then there was a large gap where I was just floating about with my camera with no real direction.

I used to snap away capturing memories because I just enjoyed it, he didn't mind and became a real poser in the process. (Thanks, little guy) thousands of images later (I kid you not) and my new obsession for pet photography began. Spuddy passed away seven years ago now but I really do owe it all to him. I just loved that little guy; he was and will always be my heart dog. (Sorry Benji & Chip, no offence meant)

I wanted to honour his memory by having him present within my business, I feel I owe so much to him. My Nephew came up with my epic logo (Go check it out) My Spud, my miniature hero. Every time I press that shutter it's a big nod to my one and only.

Now, that's enough soppy stuff! phew. I mean these pets get you right in there.

Benji and Chippy have not escaped my photography ways hehe - Chip being quite disinterested in my efforts Ben, however, is the epitome of a perfect model. This boy LOVES to pose!

Well that's a wrap, do me a favour hug your fur babies.

Much love Claire xx


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